Product: Web platform for Online Insurance Renewals

Client: Apollo Munich Health Insurance, India


This Apollo Munich Digital Transformation Solution offered by Atlogys provides Apollo Group with a Mobile-first Responsive Web Platform that gives their customers a rich and intuitive User Experience for online transactions, along with seamless payments options and also loaded with Rich Analytics for fast decision making.

Apollo Munich is the largest health Insurance company in India. It wanted to enable the digital transformation of over 1 million yearly health insurance buyers to bring them online for quick and seamless insurance renewal and increase overall conversions.

Atlogys was responsible for end-to-end project deliverable, right from conceptualization, design, and architecture, to end-to-end development (around 18 man-months of development), testing and deployment at scale for Apollo Munich.



  • 2. If Family_Review Policy + Upsell


  • Simple and fast online renewals for all types of Insurance like Health, Travel, Personal Accident at both an individual and family level
  • Various rules for offering renewal based on policy-type, age, sum insured & claims history
  • Offers Up-Sell Options to users to increase sum-insured based on various rules
  • Offers various Cross-Sell products to increase revenue based on rules
  • Custom Middleware to interface with existing Apollo backend

Technical Challenges Overcome

Custom Middleware: The pre-existing Renewal Backend at Apollo consisted of a bunch of old legacy systems with different rules and checks with no real documentation. Atlogys spent time interfacing with all the various teams to understand the various systems, and built a custom middleware layer to expose well-documented JSON RESTful APIs that abstracted all the business logic and the various legacy systems.


This solution allowed Apollo group to get rid of their legacy traditional .Net based insurance renewal system. The new solution implemented in AngularJS allowed them to:

  • Reduce load time by over 70%
  • Simplify process by reducing clicks by 60%
  • Increase online renewal rate by over 150%
  • It is being used by hundreds of thousands of users in India yearly